Industry Advisory Board

Binay Sugla (Trustee-Advisor, Vestac, LLC)

Dr. Binay Sugla, a trustee at NJIT,  has co-founded several high technology startups in the area of wireless sensors (Yeti Care, Vestac), networking (ISPsoft), and  enterprise software. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of Vestac, LLC and Yeti Care, Inc. He also served as the CEO of DSET, a formerly NASDAQ listed telecom software company. Prior to his ventures into entrepreneurship, he was Director at Bell Labs (Research). Recently, Binay has worked on various technologies including low power embedded systems, energy efficient communication protocols, wireless sensors, and location systems. His prior experience in research includes timed event correlation, anomaly detection, IP network configuration, parallel processing & programming environments, and large scale real-time millisecond parallel simulations and highly efficient algorithms. He is holder of several patents, has published numerous papers and co-authored an Internet RFC. Binay obtained his Ph.D. from University of Massachusetts at Amherst in Electrical and Computer Engineering and B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Kanpur. 

Ying Wu (China Capital Group)

Chairman of China Capital Group 
Ying Wu, founder and Chairman of China Capital Group since October 2008, has more than 28 years of experience as a technological innovator and telecommunications entrepreneur in China. As a co-founder of UTStarcom, Ying had served Chairman and CEO of UTStarcom China for 12 years. Prior to that he performed President of Starcom Inc., which he co-founded in 1991. Previous to his founding role with these start-up enterprises, Ying was a member of the technical staff at Bellcore, and earlier a consultant to AT&T Bell Labs. Ying has been a global board member with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) since Oct 2015, and a board member of TNC China since May 2013. Ying has also been a founding board member of the Future Forum in China since Jan 2015. In addition, Ying has been serving as a senior consultant on Internet industry for the Shenzhen City government in China. The recipient of numerous awards, Ying was recognized in 1998 by Business Week as one of the 50 Stars of Asia, credited for averting a financial crisis in Asia. In 2003, China Central TV (CCTV) named Ying one of the Top 10 Most Influential Persons in China’s economy. Ying currently holds a doctor’s degree awarded by NJIT in May 2016.

Terry Christiani (Microsoft)

Terry Christiani is a 10-year veteran in the data analytics technology industry. A seasoned software executive with experience in both startups and large corporations, she has developed global programs to drive outreach directly to data professionals. Starting with the S language at Insightful (now Tibco), Terry built and delivered critical, strategic positioning and communications programs to educate and drive awareness of the S language in the financial and pharmaceutical sectors worldwide. Subsequently working with the now dominant R language and the rise of big data stores both on premises and in the cloud, she helped drive the growth of Revolution Analytics towards its acquisition by Microsoft. Her role at Microsoft is to oversee outreach to the global data science community presenting Microsoft advanced analytics, IoT, and deep learning technologies to academics, students, and professional data scientists. To that end Microsoft, under Terry’s direction, is working to create an international association of individuals and groups dedicated to furthering the use of data analytics across industries with open source tools and platforms. This program supports users of R, Python, Hadoop, and Spark across a number of disciplines including; machine learning, IoT, and artificial intelligence, to build scalable and flexible frameworks for the management and use of data to improve social and business outcomes worldwide.

Jianying Hu (IBM)

Jianying Hu is a Distinguished Research Staff Member and Program Director of Center for Computational Health at IBM Thomas. J. Watson Research Center. She studied Electrical Engineering at Tsinghua University in China, and received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from SUNY Stony Brook in the US in 1993. Prior to joining IBM she was with Bell Labs (1993 to 2000) and Avaya Labs (2000 to 2002). Dr. Hu’s main research interests include machine learning, data mining, statistical pattern recognition, and signal processing, with applications to healthcare analytics, medical informatics, business analytics, and multimedia content analysis. Most recently, Dr. Hu has been leading a team of researchers at IBM Research developing advanced machine learning and data mining methodologies for deriving data-driven insights to facilitate “learning health systems”. Dr. Hu has published over 100 technical articles and holds 28 patents. She has served as associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, and IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, and International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition. She is a fellow of IEEE (class of 2015), a fellow of International Association of Pattern Recognition (class of 2010), and received the Asian American Engineer of the Year award in 2013. She was chair of AMIA Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Working Group from 2014 to 2016.

Kathy Meier-Hellstern (AT&T Labs)

Kathy Meier-Hellstern is an Assistant Vice President in the AT&T Labs Research organization where she leads the Optimization, Reliability and Customer Analytics Department (ORCA). Kathy joined AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1984, where she served as a performance, reliability and scalability consultant to organizations within AT&T for a variety of telephone, mobile, security and IP services. From 2005-2012, Kathy worked in AT&T Government Solutions, operating a large private network and defining new technologies and services for the network. She returned to AT&T Labs in 2012 in her current capacity. Kathy is responsible for the design and development of AT&T’s Next Generation Network Cloud with focus on optimization, performance and reliability and network and customer analytics. Her team designs and implements the optimization algorithms for AT&T’s SDN network, and quantifies the performance and reliability for virtualized platforms and services. The team is responsible for developing machine learning and data-powered analytics for several aspects of AT&T’s SDN network, including security analytics that detect and mitigate threats to AT&T’s Network Infrastructure, optimization and machine learning algorithms for network event and fault detection, and analytics that identify revenue improvement opportunities for AT&T’s Enterprise customers. Kathy received her Ph.D. in Operations Research from the University of Delaware in 1984 with a research focus in Applied Probability and Queueing Theory. Prior to obtaining her Ph.D., she spent a year at the University of Stuttgart and at Technion. In 1991, she was a visiting researcher at Rutgers University Wireless Information Network Lab. Kathy is the author of numerous publications and patents in the area of applied probability.