The New Jersey Institute of Technology has established a Center to inform and implement a resilient Post-Sandy recovery in New Jersey. Through applied research, field testing and community outreach, we provide residents, business owners, design professionals and government officials with actionable 21st Century ready-to-build designs and expertise for disaster recovery in areas hard hit by Hurricane Sandy.

We can assist communities in post-hurricane recovery efforts. The question in many towns is not whether to rebuild, but how to rebuild. With NJIT’s extensive institutional knowledge and a significant cadre of current and future architects and engineers seeking opportunities to apply resilient solutions, our Center will help New Jersey prepare for the next natural disaster.

Learning from Post-Katrina efforts at Tulane University, which created long-term benefits for the communities along the Gulf Coast, NJIT is providing leadership on architectural design and resilient solutions, potentially creating new markets and opportunities for enhanced economic development in New Jersey, and ideas to be exported throughout the country and around the world.