The Leir Research Virtual Conference 2020 brings together experts from business, education, technology, and government to explore disruptive technologies and business solutions to address the prevailing health and societal issues. The conference will gather internationally recognized university researchers and corporate presenters from: NJIT, Rutgers, FDA, Oregon Health and Science University, Pfizer,  J&J, AgriLedger, Aktana, and HiFiBiO Therapeutics to name a few. To register for the conference, click here.

The Henry J. and Erna D. Leir Research Institute for Business, Technology, and Society (LRI) focuses on one of the most critical global challenges facing business and society today: the impacts of climate change and other disruptive societal and operational events on corporate sustainability and business continuity. LRI has an integrated, dual mission of innovative business research and targeted outreach necessary to realize the Institute’s overarching goal of helping business and industry to become more eco-efficient, resilient, and sustainable.

The LRI is housed on the second floor of the Central Avenue Building, at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.