The TechQuest Awards

Qualifying Proposals

The entrants in this competition are to demonstrate an invention, or novel combinations of known technologies, or a unique approach to a market.  A proposal may contain more than one of the above elements.  Eligibility for a US Patent provides useful criteria for inventiveness: a process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter that is novel, non-obvious, and useful.  A novel combination of known technologies may not be patentable because of prior art but may be the basis for successful commercialization and is eligible for the competition. Marketing a known technology to new customers or for new applications also qualifies and may also be the basis for a new business.

The usefulness of the inventive idea and the path to market must also be shown. See Judging Criteria.

The innovative idea must originate within the team and team advisor as documented in the written report.  Ideas which originate outside NJIT, e.g. a co-worker at a place of employment, are not eligible