The TechQuest Awards


The TechQuest awards for 2014 consist of two parts: (1) a cash recognition award for each member of a winning team, and (2) a contribution to a stipend to be used by those team members continuing work during the following summer on their project at NJIT.  The three TechQuest Awards for 2014 are:

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Cash Recognition Award




Stipend for Summer Work




Cash recognition awards are to be divided equally among team members.  Team advisors are not eligible to share in the awards.

TechQuest summer stipends will be provided to team members that continue working on furthering the research, development and commercialization assessment of their idea as part of the Provost’s Summer Research Program and NJIT Summer Accelerator Program.  Total support during the summer to an individual from TechQuest, university funds or grant/ foundation funds is capped at $3,000.

Any unused TechQuest stipend funding for First (or Second) Place award winners will be used to fund stipends for Second (or Third) Place award winners.  Any unused TechQuest stipend funds will then go into the pool for other applicants.  All TechQuest awards are given at the discretion of the judges.  Interpretation of the competition rules, including disqualification of individuals or teams, will be made by the judges.  Decisions of the judges are final.