Solute Transport in a River

To illustrate the transport of a chemical spill in a river, a model 3 kilometers in length and 330 meters wide was created. The software MIKE21 was adopted to conduct the simulation. It is able to simulate depth-averaged water flow and dissolved chemicals in bays, rivers, seas and estuaries.

The domain was discretized using blocks that are 50 meters long (along the flow direction) and 5.0 m wide. A time step interval of 10 seconds was used for a simulation time of 16 hours.

The left and right boundaries were given elevations of land. The upper boundary had a flux input of 56 m3/sec, and the lower boundary kept a constant water level of 172 meters.

The initial solute concentration in the model was zero. The input solute concentrations at the upper and lower boundaries were also zero. An input concentration of 100 was placed at a location 270 meters across and 2500 meters along the channel for the entire duration of the simulation.

Cross section of the river system

Bathymetry shot

Click the picture above for a video of flux depth


Click the picture above for a video of solute transport