Life Sciences and Engineering

This research cluster includes both basic and applied research in the areas of neuroscience, neural engineering, regenerative medicine and point-of-care technologies. Research at NJIT includes understanding functions of the brain and spinal cord under normal, injured and diseased states at molecular, cellular and functional levels through experimental, theoretical and computational methods. Regenerative medicine research deals with the process of replacing dysfunctional cells with regenerating cells, tissues or organs to restore normal functions.

The Life Sciences and Engineering cluster also represents healthcare information systems and management involving primary care, hospitals and emergency care resources and protocols. The National Science Foundation (NSF) report on university research and development (R&D) shows more than $20 billion in research funding from federal resources in these areas. The scope of the proposed cluster includes research areas that are aligned with the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and National Academy of Science (NAS) Grand Challenges in “reverse engineering of the brain,” “tools for scientific discovery” and “engineer better medicine.”

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