Networking, Internships and Competitions

James Stevenson, sponsor of TechQuest and URI Board Member, congratulates the winners of the 2018 TechQuest Innovation Awards Competition.

ASCE Innovation Contest

Participate in the ASCE Grand Challenge Innovation Contest – join the power of the crowd that will help transform the state of our nation’s infrastructure. Become part of the solution by sharing your best ideas, projects, and theories for how to build a better future. Contestants may submit a description of their innovations in any or all of four different topics. Become a contestant and submit an entry in ASCE’s Innovation Contest.

Winners will have the opportunity to:

  • present their ideas to and network with industry leaders/evaluators,
  • be considered for research grants
  • be recognized in trade publication
  • receive special recognition and awards
  • student entries that are selected as winners will also be offered first and/or second round interviews for job and internship opportunities.

Deadline: January 18, 2016. More information.

Big Data Visualization Contest

Big Data analysis and visualization relates to one of the Grand Challenges on technology development.  Do you have a keen interest in Technology and the world of Mergers and Acquisitions? Join the first annual Big Data Visualization Contest: a program from February until April 2014, jointly organized by the NJIT College of Computing Sciences, The School of Management, and S&P Capital IQ. By participating in this contest, you will expand your knowledge of investment banking and finance, learn how to use financial data and analytics, improve your teamwork abilities, polish your presentation skills, and network with professionals in the financial services and technology industries. More information.


NASA Summer Research Internships

NASA has internships in aerospace, chemical, environmental, materials, mechanical, civil, electrical, thermal, systems, optical, robotic and computer hardware and software engineering.  Engineers also work in the fields of composites, cryogenics, microelectronics, signal processing, high performance computing, and nanotechnology. More information.

New Jersey Innovation Acceleration Center (NJIAC)

The New Jersey Innovation Acceleration Center (NJIAC), a collaborative resource for entrepreneurs, is open for business at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. NJIT has a long history of technological research and the NJIAC is designed to bring those resources together with students, faculty and other entrepreneurs to create cutting edge innovation and empower bold ventures.  A key defining factor of the Center is the focus on helping ventures accelerate their development achieving time to market and time to profitability milestones.  More information.


TechQuest Innovation Competition

TechQuest competition, sponsored by Jim Stevenson Foundation,  promotes and rewards innovation among NJIT undergraduates.  Participants must be in good academic standing and enrolled full-time during the spring semester of their year of entry.

Deadline: March 4, 2019.  More information.



VentureLink is a community hub for technology companies at NJIT for Northern New Jersey. When a startup is pre-revenue, pre-legal formation, and pre-product market fit they need a place to get started. Established tech companies need a place to grow. VentureLink is where entrepreneurial skills are learned experientially. VentureLink operates within the NJIT campus, providing in-residence companies with weekly programming, workspace, and expert mentorship..  More information.

Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges for the betterment of universe and humankind have been recognized by various agencies. These challenges are often associated with priority resources and opportunities for research, innovation and business development.  More information.

NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps™)

The NSF I-Corps Site at NJIT training program consists of several self-paced learning modules that will introduce the teams to the Lean Startup Method. All team members will be expected to participate in the online Moodle based coursework.  More information