Undergraduate Student Seed Grant Program

NJIT 2025 Vision strategic plan emphasizes providing undergraduate students an outstanding education with opportunities to have research and innovation experience as part of their NJIT learning enabling them to succeed and assume leadership roles in our society.

The Undergraduate Research and Innovation (URI) program has evolved as an integral and important part of the undergraduate academic experience at NJIT. This website summarizes undergraduate research and innovation opportunities and provides information about resources and competitions. 

(From left to right, URI students presenting, student project demo and networking session)

New for Fall 2020! Due September 28, 2020, the URI Program is now accepting proposals for Phase 1 Awards ($500) for Fall 2020 Seed Program.

Call for Proposals Announcement

Materials to support your application can be found here. 

Undergraduate Research and Innovation Student Seed Grant Program Fall 2019

Below are the recipients of Fall 2019 Undergraduate Research and Innovation Student Grants.  Four URI Phase 1 and Seven URI Phase 2 Student Seed Grants were awarded in Fall 2019.

Students submitted their written proposals which were reviewed by the executive committee of the URI External Advisory Board (EAB). Following the written proposal scores, selected proposals were presented to EAB members. With the recommendations from the EAB, based on the combined scores of written proposals and oral presentations, Phase-1 and Phase-2 Student Seed Grants are awarded. We thank all students who submitted their proposals. We also thank faculty advisors who worked with students for their submission and presentations. 

Congratulations to all winners!

Fall 2019  URI Phase-1 Student Seed Grant Winners

(Bold denotes team leader)

Research Project

Faculty Advisor

Jivin Barve (STS)

The Effect of Cholesterol on Amyloid Beta Proteins and on Alzheimer’s Disease

Cristiano Dias, Department of Physics

Anisah Khandakar (DD), Astha Sharma (HCI)

Digital Window 

Hyejin Hannah Kum-Biocca, Hillier College of Architecture and Design, and Yvette Wohn, Department of Informatics

Varun Pai (Bio), Rohan Harish (EE)

A Novel Method for Accessible NMR

Cesar Bandera, Martin Tuchman School of Management

Lindsey Riggs (Biophysics)

The Effect of Apolipoprotein e4 on Cholesterol and Amyloid Beta Proteins in Alzheimer’s Disease

Cristiano Dias, Department of Physics

Fall 2019   URI Phase-2 Student Seed Grant Winners

(Bold denotes team leader)

Research Project

Faculty Advisor

Swata Gade (Bio)

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy Mitigates Neuropathology and Improves Neurobehavioral Outcomes in Blast–Induced Brain Injury

Venkata Kakulavarapu and Namas Chandra,  Department of Biomedical Engineering

Brooke Leiser (BME)

Examining the Perivascular Clearance of Amyloid-Beta (Aβ) Protein and the Natural Efflux Mechanisms Involved

James Haorah, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Anna Mathew (Bio)

Effect of SLKr5 on Subcutaneous Glioblastoma Multiforme Tumor Implant in Athymic Mice to Demonstrate Antiangiogenic Properties

Vivek Kumar, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Kush Patel (CE), Keitheshia Parris (CE), Julia Flores (ID)

Bio Digester to Recover Nutrients and Energy from Restaurants and Cafeteria Food Waste

Jay Meegoda, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Martina Decker, Hillier College of Architecture and Design

Sreya Sanyal (Bio & History)

Novel Method of Cholesterol Management Using Hydrogel for PCSK9 Inhibition

Vivek Kumar, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Anuj Verma (MechE), Evan Greff (ChemE)

In Situ Ozone Nanobubble Technology for Water Disinfection and Pollutant Degradation

Wen Zhang, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Anthony Urciuoli (BME) The fabrication of airbrushed methacrylated gelatin to form nanofibers on 3D printed scaffolds for cartilage and bone regeneration Murat Guvendiren, Department Chemical and Materials Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering


Research and Innovation Tracks

Research and Innovation Tracks with General Guidelines on the Preliminary Market Assessment or Project Research
Sample Market Research Survey (as mentioned in above document)

URI Information Session 

(Left - Dr. Atam Dhawan explains the two Phases; Center - Govi Rao, Co-Chair of URI Board, answers questions; Right - Jim Stevenson, Board Member, discusses the TechQuest criteria)

Click here to view the powerpoint slides from the 2019 URI Information Session.
Click here to view the recording of the 2016 URI Information Session and learn about URI Phase 1 & Phase 2, the different tracks, as well as how to write a proposal.

Click here to view the slides on Competition and Branding.
Click here to view the slides on Risk Management.

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