2-Photon Microscope, Leica

  • Model: TCS SP8 MP, Leica

Tandem Scanner

  • Tunable scan speeds from 1 to 1800 lines per second
  • 8K Resonant scanner with 8000 lines/second (29 frames of 512x512  per second with 4 simultaneous channels).

          - Format up to 1280 X 1280 pixels in resonant scanner mode

          - continuous zoom with resonant scanner is essential

          - scan field rotation with resonant scanner is essential

  • 25X/1.0 IR W Immersion Objective with motCORR motorized correction collar and 2.6mm FWD 
  • Hybrid GaAsP Detectors (HyD) for both confocal and MP imaging with 30% improvement in total detector efficiency (TDE) over conventional GaAsP PMT designs

           - Four Channel spectrally tunable confocal detection system with two (2) internal HyD detectors and Two (2)                                PMTs for spectral confocal imaging
           - Quad NDD Module with Four NDD detectors (2 HyDs plus 2 PMTs) NDD detectors for simultaneous 4 color                                imaging in MP, including while using the resonant scanner

  • X2Y scan assembly with 3 mirrors for absolute uniform filling of the objective entrance pupil throughout entire scan field without need to overfill pupil, which ensures field uniformity and improves penetration depth
  • Environmental enclosure, including integration of control within confocal/MP imaging software
  • High Precision XY Scanning Stage for tile scan and mark and find experiments
  • All scan optics and MP objectives optimized for high transmission from 400 nm to 1300 nm

Leica TCS SP8 Scan Head-Flyer_EN.pdf