Agilent Cary 620 FTIR Imaging Microscope with Cary 670 Bench

The FTIR-Microscope system in the Otto York Center is used in conjunction with FTIR spectroscopy to allow visualization of a sample as an analysis of its components is being done. (Chemical imaging). The Agilent Cary 620 FTIR imaging microscope provides comprehensive pixel resolution and field of view options, combined with the highest sensitivity and fastest collection times, designed for ultimate performance. These core capabilities of the Cary 620 FTIR can solve your analytical challenges in a variety of application areas, including polymers and materials, biological and biomedical, or chemicals and petrochemicals quickly, accurately and easily.

A Focal Plane Array (FPA) detector is mounted on this Agilent FTIR-Microscope system. The FPA detector allows for the simultaneous acquisition of 64 x 64 of spatially resolved spectra (4096 spectra) in the detector array, as each pixel provides an independent infrared spectrum. By simultaneously acquiring thousands of spectra within minutes, the FPA detector provides information about the identification and concentration of specific compounds and their distribution in the measured Field of View (FOV).

The Agilent Cary 670 is a bench top FTIR-spectrometer, applying with 2 different ATRs (Diamond & Germanium) as well as classical transmission method
FTIR-Microscope (Cary 620) equipped with focal plane array (FPA) detector consisting of a matrix of 64 x 64 detector elements allows the user to acquire up to 4,096 pixels/spectra simultaneously with chemical images, applying with 2 different micro-ATRs for microsocpe: Micro-Diamond ATR and Micro-Ge ATR

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