Thermo Orion Model 105 Portable Conductivity Meter

Solutions can be analyzed for conductivity and salinity.

  • Conductivity Range: 0 to 199.900 μs/cm; Resolution: 0.1 μs/cm;
    Conductance units: 1/ohm = 1 mho = 1 Siemen (S) = 1000 mS.
    The conductivity value is obtained by multiplying the conductance value by the cell constant.
  • Salinity Range:  0.0 to 80.0 ppt; Resolution: 0.1 ppt.
    Salinity is a measure of the total dissolved salts in a solution in % or parts per thousand (ppt). A salinity is a relative scale based on a KCl solution.  A salinity value of 35 is relative to seawater at 15 oC and a conductivity value equivalent to a KCl solution containing 32.4356 g KCl in 1 Kg of solution.


The following probes are available:

  1. Standard Cell: epoxy/platinum, platinized; cell constant = 1.10 cm-1; application range: 1 μS/cm to 20 mS/cm;
  2. Flow cell: Vol. 8-12 ml; cell constant = 0.1 cm-1; application range: 0.001 μS/cm to 300 μS/cm (for ultra-pure water).