Sample Preparation

Labconco Purifier Trace metal Analysis Workstation

It is total exhaust vertical clean bench designed for trace metal analysis of environmental samples. Used exclusively for ICP-MS sample preparations, since metal-free interior components eliminate potential sources of interference in measurements at parts per billion levels. It has PVC work area, which withstands corrosive chemicals.

Mirak Ceramic top DIGITAL Hotplate

It has digital display that monitors temperature range (40 - 370 oC). Used for open-beaker acid digestions prior to ICP-MS analysis when Teflon plastic ware is required.

Laboratory Presses

Laboratory presses are used to make pellets from powders or solid materials for XRF, FTIR, IR and other equipment. Two units are available:

  • Carver  Model-C Hydraulic Laboratory Press (12 ton capacity). This press is used on conjunction with ICL’s Micro-Micro 13 mm Evacuable Die (max pressure 10 tons).
  • Carver 3012 Laboratory Press (30-ton capacity). 


(Branson 5210 and Fisher Scientific)

Ultrasonicators have the functions of sonication up to 60 minutes and heating.  It is suitable to clean up parts, accessories, and removing gas from the solvents (e.g., for HPLC eluent preparations).

Soxhlet Extraction Setup

Soxhlet Extraction Setup (USEPA SW846 Method 3540) is used for solvent extraction of semivolatile analytes from a solid or semi-solid matrices (soil) into an organic extraction solvent (e.g., hexane, acetone, ethylene chloride).

Soxhlet extraction equipment with six heating mantles, a controller, and six sets of inert glassware (condenser, extractor, 500 ml and 1000 ml round bottom flasks) in available in the laboratory. There are few sets of Kuderna-Danish (K-D) apparatus for sample concentrations (seven – macro and two – micro). Each set consists of Snyder column, flask (500 ml for macro and 40 ml for micro) and receiving vessel/concentrator tube (10 ml for macro and 2 ml for micro).

There are seven liquid chromatography columns used for silica gel clean up according to the USEPA SW846 Method 3630.

Desiccator  Cabinet

It is a stainless steel airtight, moisture-proof cabinet. It is used to keep chemicals and samples at dry condition. There are two units available in the laboratory.

  • Labconco Fiber Glass Desiccator Cabinet (capable of withstanding 29” Hg (0.1 mPa) pressure).
  • Boekel Desiccating Cabinet

Labconco FreeZone 1 Liter Benchtop Freeze Dry System with Manifold

Sample prefreezing is required before beginning the freeze drying process. It could be done using liquid nitrogen, dry ice or low temperature freezer. Dry ice maker unit is also available in the lab.