Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope with Oxford EDS Detector (FESEM-EDS)

LEO 1530VP  - Zyvex Nanomanipulator System/Cryo-system


The focused electron beam interacts with a sample to cause various electrons to be emitted from the surface of the sample. These generated electrons are collected and counted by an electronic device. As the electron beam scans over the entire sample, a complete image of the sample is displayed on the monitor. Our SEM has three detectors for imaging, secondary electron detector, multiple secondary electron detector and backscattered electron detector.

INCA energy system provides you the capability of semi-quantitative elemental analysis of samples.

Cryo-system provides you the capability of imaging hydrated samples.

The SEM has a wide range of applications in material science and industry, bio-pharmaceutical research and industry, civil and environmental science and so on.