Microgrids for Resilient Communities Planning Project

The Microgrids for Resilient Communities Planning Project is being undertaken with support from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. The project is unique in that it focuses on effective planning as a key element in creating microgrids that are not just technically feasible and cost-effective, but also provide social benefits – such as improved community resilience – to New Jersey citizens. 

The scope of the Microgrids for Resilient Communities Planning Project is to:

Assist three jurisdictions in New Jersey – Galloway, Neptune, and Newark – to collect information and create microgrid development plans that are sufficiently robust to obtain funding for a microgrid technical feasibility study under the NJBPU pilot program.
Document the results of these efforts and develop a new, multi-media online educational platform – the Community Microgrid Planning Academy - that will instruct jurisdictions across the state on how to collect, organize, and analyze similar infrastructure data so that they, too, can create effective microgrid development plans in their own communities.

The project will be complete – and the Academy will be launched – on or before May 31, 2018.