Director Evans Participates in 2018 New Jersey Coastal Resilience Summit

On October 9, Director Evans participated in the 2018 New Jersey Coastal Resilience Summit at Monmouth University.  Researchers, practitioners and policy makers from across New Jersey took part in an interactive suite of discussions designed to help the NJ Department of Environmental Protection - who supported the event – to craft a New Jersey Coastal Resilience Plan.  The purpose of the Plan will be to inform and guide the State’s policies, regulations, resource allocations and funding in the coastal zone to reduce the impacts of coastal hazards; increase resiliency for structures, infrastructure systems, environmental resources, and coastal communities; address socially vulnerable populations; and attract equitable and sustainable investment.  The Summit was intended to begin discussion and prioritization of key elements of the Plan, which will continue to develop over the course of 2019.

Photo of Kathleen Frangione, Frank Pallone and DEP Commissioner Catherine McCabe at Summit

Kathleen Frangione, Chief Policy Advisor, Office of the Governor; Representative Frank Pallone; and DEP Commissioner Catherine McCabe discuss legislative and policy perspectives at the Coastal Resilience Summit.