Inverted House

The disaster that occurred during Hurricane Sandy left many homeowners and neighborhoods devastated. Different communities all around New Jersey worked together to rebuild and restore their neighborhoods to their former state.By helping each other, each community was able to bounce back from the catastrophe. The inverted street obligates neighbors to be a part of a community, not only during a crisis, but during everyday life. Communities functioning together will empower the New Jersey resilient build. The inverted street will be a design mechanism to advocate people to be part of a community in times of need. Having people socially interact on an everyday basis will help the individual, home, and community withstand a devastating storm. Homeowners will respectably own their property but will now be part of a cluster community. Each home will have its own entity and property line, but, rather than being a single home, will now be part of a cluster of houses that are linked together by a water collecting roof. The houses will be elevated and connected by a common walkway space. This elevated street will help with yearly flooding, yet permit homeowners to continue their daily routines with less worry.

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