Microgrids + Resilience

Microgrids + Resiliency   

In late 2014, the Center for Resilient Design initiated a study to assess the potential for using distributed power generation and “microgrids” to both increase energy efficiency and reduce hazard vulnerability at the community level. Through an innovative partnership with the Regional Plan Association and the New Jersey Energy Resilience Bank, the Center conducted an analysis of potential locations for distributed energy resources in the Sandy-affected regions of New Jersey. The project identified a series of 24 “town centers” – clusters of public facilities and geographically adjacent non-public buildings – that could be suitable for community-level microgrids. A report summarizing results was provided to the Energy Resilience Bank, which has indicated a desire to expand the analysis to all the remaining counties in New Jersey. 

Microgrids + Resiliency  Microgrids + Resiliency Microgrids + Resiliency