Resilient Design Scholar

Resilient Design ScholarResilient Design Scholar

The Center for Resilient Design has received a generous, $5000.00 grant from the American Institute of Architects – its National Resilience Initiative – to support our first “Resilient Design Scholar.” The selected Scholar will be an architecture student who will work with us in the Center over the summer of 2018 to conduct a research project focused on resilient design and construction. The AIA funds will inaugurate the program (all the funds will go to the student) with the hope that we could secure other funding sources – internal or external – to continue the program in subsequent years.

The research focus for our first Scholar will be to create An Introduction to Resilient Design: a curriculum for a three-credit elective course that can be used to teach 4th year architecture students about critical issues in resilient design. The course will be designed to mesh with what 4th year architecture students already know about building design and construction – and what they don’t – and will be designed to reinforce and help expand their knowledge. 

The course will be taught at NJIT during the Spring semester 2019. It is anticipated that the course will also be made available to other architecture schools across North America, potentially in conjunction with the ACSA.