Dr. Fatemeh Haghighi Lab Visit

Pictured here during a recent visit on February 8, 2018 are Dr. Haghighi, James J. Peters VA Medical

Center, Associate Professor, Neuroscience, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and her team

from Columbia University Medical Center along with Kevin Pang from East Orange, VA and member

of our CIBM3 team. Dr. Chandra, Director of CIBM3 along with his team Dr. Skotak, Dr. RamaRao

and Manny are also in the picture as part of Dr. Chandra's team for the blast lab.


Dr. Haghighi and Dr. Chandra wearing the helmets provided by teh DOD for testing and standing

next to our 28' Shock Tube. She believes that our Blast lab is very impressive and is interested in

doing a collaborative project with Dr. Chandra and Team, after seeing our wonderful shock tubes.


All pictured here without the helmets. Kevin Pang from the East Orange VA, Dr. Haghighi from

Bronx VA & Mt. Sinai School of Medicine along with Dr. Chandra from NJIT/CIBM3 believe a

collaboration together would benefit the Soldiers recovery process post exposure to repetative

blasts. A collaboration would benefit science, soldiers and all institutions involved (pictured above).