Leica Aperio Versa 200

Brightfield, Fluorescence & FISH Digital Pathology Scanner

Purpose:  To digitally scan mounted tissue samples from 1.25X to 63X magnification. Equipped with a 200-slide autoloader and a comprehensive range of image analysis solutions, the slide scanner will be used to autonomously scan holistic brain tissue, saving hours of user viewing and analysis time.  

Capabilities: This microscope system is capable of viewing samples at 1.25X, 5X, 40X, and 63X magnification for both brightfield and fluorescence imaging. 

Coronal brain slice of injured rat model. Blue stain represents cell nuclei (DAPI), green stain represents neurons (NeuN), and red stain represents area of extracellular matrix degradation (MMP2).

Unique Features

  • 200 slide autoloader
  • 1.5X, 5X, 40X, 63X magnification
  • Automated oiler and oil-immersion lenses
  • One-click scan protocols
  • 7 filter positions