►2021 Sept | Dr. Xiaoyang Xu has received a $1 million award from the Gustavus and Louise Pfeiffer Research Foundation to develop the next generation of messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines. Congratulations!

Read the full story here

►2021 Sept | Dr. Xu received NIH NJ ACTS grant to develop cell-derived exosomes for effective CVD treatment. Congratulations!

►2021 May | Bin Hu, Mingzhu Gao, Kofi Oti Boakye-Yiadom, William Ho, Wei Yu, Xiaoyang Xu, Xue-Qing Zhang paper entitled "An intrinsically bioactive hydrogel with on-demand drug release behaviors for diabetic wound healing" was published in Bioactive Materials. Congratulations!

►2020 Dec | William, Zhongyu and Fengqiao's paper entitled "Next‐Generation Vaccines: Nanoparticle‐Mediated DNA and mRNA Delivery" has been accepted for publication in Advanced Healthcare Materials. Congratulations!

►2020 Nov | Dr. Xiaoyang Xu is the recipient of a NIH R01 grant with Tufts University, congratulations!

►2020 Sept | Dr. Xu received the Excellence in Research from Schools & Colleges Award. Congratulations!
►2020 Sept | William received the Graduate Presidential Leadership award. Congratulations!

►2020 March | Sydney Sweet received Goldwater Scholarship. Congratulations!
►2020 March | Zhongyu and Nick's paper entitled "Injectable PLGA-coated ropivacaine produces a long-lasting analgesic effect on incisional pain and neuropathic pain" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Pain. Congratulations!
►2020 March | Dr. Xu received NSF grant supporting our nanocage brain drug delivery project. Congratulations!
►2020 March | Zhongyu, William, Fengqiao and Yenrui's manuscript titled " Nanoparticle Depots for Controlled and Sustained Gene Delivery" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Controlled Release. Congratulations!

►2020 February | Dr. Xu received NCE Rising Star Research Award. Congratulations!

►2019 Dec | Dr. Xu received the Technology Innovation Translation Acceleration (TITA) Seed Grant award. Congratulations!

►2019 Oct | Dr. Xu received NJ ACTS Translational and Clinical Sciences Award for supporting our research in biomaterial-mediated pain management. Congratulations!

►2019 Oct | Nick and William's manuscript titled "Injectable citrate-based hydrogel as an angiogenic biomaterial improves cardiac repair after myocardial infarction" has been accepted for publication in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Congratulations!
►2019 Sept | Our brain drug delivery project received phase 2 financial support from New Jersey Health Foundation Innovation Program. Congratulations!

►2019 July | William and Zhongyu passed their PhD Qualifying Examinations. Congratulations!

►2019 April | Nicole was chosen to receive a 2019 Provost Undergraduate Summer Research program award. Congratulations!
►2019 April | Sydney was chosen to receive a Chemical Engineering Annual Scholarship, Service and Research Award for the academic year 2018-2019. Congratulations!
►2019 January | Nick, William and Sydney's manuscript entitled "Nanotechnology-Mediated Drug Delivery for the Treatment of Obesity and its Related Comorbidities" was accepted by Advanced Healthcare Materials. Congratulations!
►2019 January | Welcome to new lab member Nicole Loehle.
►2018 December | Dr. Xu received American Heart Association research grant. Congratulations!
►2018 October |  Zhanxian Li, Hanxiao Liu, Haixia Li, Yung-Hao Tsou, Yilin Gao, Xiaoyang Xu, Weiwei Dua, Liuhe Wei, Mingming Yu paper entitled "Lysosome-targeting NIR ratiometric luminecent upcoversion nanoprobe T toward arginine" was accepted by Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. Congratulations!
►2018 September | Dr. Xu received New Jersey Health Foundation Innovation Grant. Congratulations!​
►2018 August | Chengde Wu, Xiaoyang Xu* paper entitled “Exploring cutting-edge hydrogel technologies and their biomedical applications” was accepted by Bioactive Materials. Congratulations!
►2018 August |  Welcome to new PhD student william Ho.
►2018 June | Yung-Hao Tsou, Xue-Qing Zhang, Yanlan Liu, He Zhu, Zhongyu Li, Jinjun Shi and Xiaoyang Xu  paper entitled " Dopant-free hydrogels with intrinsic photoluminescent and biodegradable properties " was accepted by Advanced Functional Materials. Congratulations!
►2018 May | Sahla's co-author paper entitled " Bioactive Hydrogels for Bone Regeneration " is accepted by Bioactive Materials. Congratulations! 
►2018 May | Our undergraduate student Sahla Syed received Highlander Student Leadership Award. Congratulations Sahla! 
►2018 May | Our undergraduate student Syndey Sweet received Provost Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Award. Good job! 
►2018 May | Our undergraduate student Juliana Yang received Provost Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Award. Congratulations!
►2018 April | Nick (Yunghao) Tsou's co-author paper entitled " Boron-doped graphene nanosheets-supported Pt: highly active and selective catalyst for low temperature H2-SCR " was accepted by Nanoscale. Congratulations!

►2018 March | Our graduate student Nick (Yunghao) Tsou received department graduate research award. Congratulations! 
►2018 March | Our undergraduate student Sahla Syed received department undergraduate research award. Congratulations! 
►2018 March | Our undergraduate student received Christen Scotti Thomas Pederson fellowship. Congratulations! 
►2018 February |  Dr. Xiaoyang Xu’s BHI-RUN-NJIT pilot grant application has been selected for funding. The grant will also support the team to develop new generation biomaterials with biomedical application in neural regeneration. Congratulations!
►2018 February |  Dr. Xiaoyang Xu received research grant from New Jersey Health Foundation. The grant will support Dr. Xu and his team to develop nanoparticle based drug delivery systems for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Congratulations!
► 2017 October |  Lei Wang, Xin Li, Tianyu Sun, Yung-Hao Tsou, Hong Chen, Xiaoyang Xu paper entitled “Dual-functional dextran-PEG hydrogel as an antimicrobial biomedical material”  on Macromol. Biosci. Congratulation! 
► 2017 October |  Yung-Hao Tsou, Xue-Qing Zhang, He Zhu, Sahla Syed and Xiaoyang Xu review paper entitled "Drug Delivery to the Brain across the Blood-Brain Barrier Using Nanomaterials " on Small journal.Congratulation!

► 2017 September |  Welcome to Dr. David L. Kaplan.
► 2017 September |  We got funding from the Faculty Seed Grant. Congratulation!
► 2017 September |  Welcome to new group member Qing Yang.
► 2017 September |  Welcome to new visiting scholars Dr. Mingming Yu and Dr. Zhanxian Li.
► 2017 July |  Lei Wang, Benjamin Griffel, Xiaoyang Xu paper entitled “Synthesis of PLGA/lipid hybrid nanoparticles for siRNA delivery using emulsion method” on Methods in molecular Biology. Congratulation!
► 2017 May | Welcome to new group member Ronak Patel.
► 2017 April |  Sahla Syed received Provost Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship. Congratulation!
► 2017 February | Welcome to new group member Zhongyu Li.
► 2017 January |  Welcome to new group member Sahla Syed.
► 2017 January |  Our "Nanomedicine as Treatment for Drug-Resistant Bacteria" project got funded from National Science Foundation. Congratulation!
► 2017 January |  We got funding from New Jersey Health Foundation. Congratulation!
► 2016 December | Joe Khoneisser received the award of Undergraduate Research and Innovation(URI) Phase-2 Grant program. Congratulation!
► 2016 November | Joe Khoneisser received the award of Undergraduate Research and Innovation(URI) Phase-1 Grant program. Congratulation!
► 2016 September | Welcome to new PhD student Tianyu Sun.  
► 2016 September | Welcome to new group member He zhu.
► 2016 June | Yung-Hao Tsou and Marina Garis paper entitled "Highly specific colorimetric detection of DNA oxidation biomarker using gold nanoparticle/triplex DNA conjugates" on Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine.Congratulation!
► 2016 May | Yung-Hao Tsou, Joe Khoneisser and Ping-Chun Huang paper entitled "Hydrogel as a bioactive material to regulate stem cell fate" on Bioactive Materials.Congratulation!
► 2016 May | Kristen has been selected for 2016 Provost Undergraduate Summer Research program. Congratulation!
► 2016 May | Prof. Xiaoyang Xu's paper entitled "Preventing diet-induced obesity in mice by adipose tissue transformation and angiogenesis using targeted nanoparticles with drug delivery amplification" has published on PNAS. The paper has been featured by MIT News, UPI, Sina News, Baidu News, Sciencenewsjournal, Nanotechweb and many others. Congratulation. 
► 2016 February | Welcome to new group member Kristen.
► 2016 February | Angel, Michal and Marina received the award of NSF I-Corps in Spring 2016. Congratulation!
► 2015 November | Marina Garis received the award of NSF I-Corps in Fall 2015. Congratulation!
► 2015 September | Welcome to group member Montanez Nicholas, Veloz, Angel and Kierznowski, Michal.
► 2015 September | Welcome to new post doctoral Xin Li and Lei Wang.
► 2015 August | Welcome to new group member Pingchun Huang and Marina Garis.
► 2015 August |  Yunghao Tsou has passed Ph.D candidacy exam. Congratulation!
► 2015 June | Joshua Bader received NSF scholarship. Congratulation!
► 2015 March | Welcome to new group member Joshua Bader, Meagan M. Accordino, Thurman Demetri and Macachor Myton.
► 2015 February | Welcome to new PhD student Qian, Lyu.
► 2015 January | Laboratory of Nanomedicine and healthcare Biomaterials was founded.
► 2014 September | Welcome to new PhD student Yunghao, Tsou.