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We are currently looking for capable and skilled researchers including postdoctoral scholars and graduate students in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Cell Biology, Drug Delivery, Nanomedicine, Healthcare Biomaterials or related disciplines. We have a strong goal in research from basic research on the lab bench to translating our laboratory's inventions into the clinic as well as technology development and commercialization.

Postdoctoral researchers:

Postdocs must have strong expertise, research and experimental background in one or more of the areas mentioned above. A high level of self-motivation towards translational research is an asset. Those interested should contact Principal Investigator Dr. Xiaoyang Xu ( , include "postdoc application" in the subject heading). Attach a PDF file including a 1-page cover letter describing previous experience and why you want to join the Xu Lab, a CV with a complete list of publications, and references. 

Graduate students:

Graduate students are expected to take charge of their own research projects in Chemical Engineering and/or Materials Engineering, with a focus on Nanomedicine and Healthcare Biomaterials. Prospective PhD students must show outstanding academic achievements in one or more of the fields mentioned above. Students must be officially admitted to Chemical Engineering or Materials Engineering at NJIT. Prospective students should contact Dr. Xiaoyang Xu (, include "PhD application" in the subject heading).

Please email Dr. Xiaoyang Xu for more details: