W.M. Keck Foundation Laboratory

An affiliated facility is the W.M. Keck Foundation Laboratory "Electro-hydrodynamics of suspensions (Co-Directors: Profs. Andreas Acrivos, Nadine Aubry, Boris Khusid). The W.M. Keck Lab features a unique combination of analytical instrumentation permitting characterization of samples with nano-scale resolution. 

The following table summarizes the capabilities of the instrumentation available in the Keck Laboratory.

Instrumentation & Applications - Keck Laboratory

Dielectric Spectrometer, BDS-80, Novocontrol Electrical polarization & conductivity, molecular relaxation, structure transformations, phase transitions
Atomic Force Microscope, NanoScope IIIA/ Multimode Scanning Probe for Tapping Mode and Electrochemistry, Digital Instruments Interparticle interactions, binding & electrostatic forces, micro-elasticity & viscosity, liquid-solid interface
Near-Field-Optic-Microscope, TwinSNOM, Omicron Instrument Imaging molecules, particle morphology, surface topography, adsorption
Particle Counters,LS230 and N+ , Beckman-Coulter Particle size, aggregation, cluster structure
3-D Particle Image Velocimetry Flow visualization, particle positions & velocities