Data Record

Supporting data for the publication of "Was the DeepWater Horizon Well Discharge Churn Flow? Implications on the estimation of the oil discharge and droplet size distribution”, accepted by Geophysical Research Letter, 2018 In the presented paper, we simulated the oil and gas flow from the wellhead of Macondo255 (after the riser cut on June 3rd, 2010) by Large Eddy Simulation (LES) approach. We showed that the flow might have been churn, where oil and gas tumble within the pipe.

The dataset provides the data for figures in the above-mentioned paper and supporting videos, which includes the oil and gas holdups (both along the radial and centerline direction), flow velocity, turbulence dissipation rate, entrainment coefficient, etc. The data was generated by CFD-LES approach using FLUENT software and post-processed by TECPLOT and Excel.

The data folder also includes a “ReadMe.docx” file for explaining the variables and units in each file.