Analytical Capabilities


Measured Parameter

Sample Matrix

Measurement Principle

Atomic Absorption (AA) Metals, Cations(Calcium, Lithium, etc.) Aqueous Photometey
Auto Analyzer Nutrients analysis (Nitrate, Phosphate, Ammonia), Alkalinity, Iron Aqueous Colorimetry
Surface area and porosity analyzer "BET" Specific surface Porosity Solid Physical adsorption of gas
COD Digestion Reactor Chemical Oxygen Demand Aqueous Digestion
Conductivity Meter Electric conductivity Salinity Total dissolved solids Aqueous Total dissolved solid
Digesdahl Digestion Apparatus Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) Aqueous Digestion
GC Organic compounds ( PCBs, Petroleum compounds, solvents) Aqueous
Gas Chromatography
HACH Spectrophotometer Nutrients, COD, TKN, DNA scan Aqueous Photometer
HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatography Organic compounds (pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbon, steroids, etc) Aqueous Liquid chromatography
Ion Selective Electrodes (Cl, Br, etc) Anions (Chloride, Bromide, etc.) Aqueous Ion selective
Nanopure Deionized Water Deionized water Produces DI water Deionization
Optical Probe for DO Dissolved oxygen Aqueous Optical detection
pH and Temperature Meter pH and temperature Aqueous Electronically measuring pH
TOC Analyzer Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Aqueous Wet oxidation