Stormwater Drains

Today, particularly in urban areas, a high concentration of suspended material is found in storm-water discharges. Suspended material from concentrated human activity settle on impervious surfaces such as streets, parking areas, driveways and sidewalks until a storm-water event washes them, untreated, into a nearby drainage. Typically these inlets eventually discharge into nearby streams, thereby polluting the environment.

This project consists of designing the catch basin that is able to separate litter and pollutants and settle sediments before storm-water discharges into a stream or detention/retention ponds. Several designs were performed and to test the competence of each design, the process starts with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation using Fluent 6.3.26 software, followed by a Lagrangian model for particle injection and tracking. Based on the CFD results, improvements were made on the design, and based on particle tracking results the efficiency will be calculated to be compared with other simulated and existing designs.

Please be sure to see the video: Stormwater Drain Design Video.