Alaska 2007 Exxon-Valdez Bioremediation Investigation


The first picture is a view of glaciers while passing over the mountains going into Anchorage. The middle picture contains some of our crew, from left to right, Dr. Michel Boufadel, Danis Botrus, Dr. Hailong Li, Bart Kearney, Erik Wickley-Olsen, Abdoulaye Fall, and Josiah Mount. In the picture on the right you may notice a slight oil slick on the water at Eleanor Island on the Prince William Sound.


On the left is our makeshift bush league chemistry lab under the blue tarp. The center picture shows levels of sand with clay and oil, the handle of the shovel is especially covered with crude. On the right is the lonesome miner hoping to strike black gold.


On the left is a view from sea up the beach, you can see the sampling wells as you look up the shore, we would sample groundwater to determine infiltration rates of our tracer and determine what natural chemicals (for bacteria growth) could be found in the site. In the middle is Erik removing some of the blackened groundwater so we can see where we are digging. On the right is the same bucket showing how much crude can be found just inches from the surface in some areas of the beach.




On the left is Peter Lokken taking a sample from one of the wells and Abdoullaye is recording for posterity. In the center is a look out towards the sound on one of the few non-rainy non-cloudy days, this view made up for that though. In the background you may notice our two boats which we spent most of our time on when not on the beach or exploring the island. On the right are some sea stars relaxing on a rock waiting for high tide.


On the left Danis is making sure the tracer is working while simultaneously listening for bears. At center Dr. Boufadel explains the mechanics of fluid flow to a stunned audience, night work had to be done a couple times to ensure timely departure, at the time we were enjoying 18 hours of daylight. At right is our two shifts coming back from finishing a beach and racing for the dinner bell, you will also notice John Whittier our captain piloting the boat and first mate Sverre triangulating the quickest way home.



On the left is a family of otters, we also saw puffins, seals, eagles, humpback whales breaching, salmon, bear, moose, deer, hawks, and many other assorted animals. For a short time we were able to take a tour after finishing the beach work, we visited Blackstone Glacier and checked out the local wildlife. On the right is a picture of trees gnarled by 100 mph winds, the Prince William Sound contains the most northerly rainforest in the world and Eleanor Island was home to some of those trees.



From left to right, Captain Greg, Bart Kearney, Josiah Mount, Abdoullaye Fall, Peter Lokken, Ibrahim Ibrahim, Dr. Michel Boufadel, Captain John Whittier, Erik Wickley-Olsen, Dr. Hailong Li, Danis Botrus, Amy the Cook, and Sverre is taking the picture.