Alaska 2008 Exxon-Valdez Bioremediation Investigation

From left to right:  Josiah, Grace, Jen, Danis, Ibrahim, Youness, and Bobo enjoying Grace's birthday while in Alaska. Bringing the equipment to the beach in preparation for the long day ahead. Organizing the equipment, and setting up the equipment tent.
The sampling tubes sticking out of one of the multiport wells.  Used to sample concentrations of tracer at different depths. Digging a well. Checking the well for correct depth.  The vegetation made working difficult at this location.
Many of the beaches were covered in large heavy rocks on the surface, and even worse below the surface. An oil sheen can be seen on the surface of the water in the well. S Setting up the sampling well.
Oil is seen at the bottom of the multiport well and also the slotted pvc well. Surveying the beach. Taking samples from the multiport well.  The multiport well is the metal tube which rests next to the slotted pvc pipes.
Lots of thick oil is seen at the bottom of this well location. Many large boulders were in the way in the subsurface where well sites were chosen. One of the beaches seen from the sea.  As you can see, some of them were very rough and made difficult working conditions.
 Labeling a sediment sample and preparing it for shipment back to Temple University.  A nice shot of scenery.