TechQuest Innovation Competition


(James Stevenson, sponsor of TechQuest and URI Board Member, congratulates the winners of the 2018 TechQuest Innovation Awards Competition.)

TechQuest Competition, sponsored by Jim Stevenson Foundation, promotes and rewards innovation among NJIT undergraduates.  Participants must be in good academic standing and be enrolled full-time during the fall and spring semester of their year of entry.   Students may form teams consisting of undergraduates from any NJIT department. There is no limit to the number of members on a team, but small interdisciplinary teams are encouraged. Teams are responsible for organizing themselves and must designate a contact person.  Teams may have an advisor, a NJIT faulty member or other person associated with NJIT. 

NJIT undergraduates individually or as a team may enter the 2019 innovation competition and be eligible for awards and stipends totaling up to $18,000.

Questions on the eligibility of an advisor should be referred to Dr. Atam Dhawan. Class projects, including those for design courses, Undergraduate Research and Innovation Program (URI), Capstone, McNair, and technology projects by undergraduates may be entered in the competition. Projects entered in TechQuest may build on prior projects, but the presenting team must identify its unique contribution to the presented work.  Previous TechQuest award winners are not eligible to enter the same project in the competition again. 

In the preliminary round of judging, eight to twelve finalists will be selected from entrants based on the answers to the three sets of questions on the Application Form which is due on Monday, March 4, 2019.  In the final round of judging, the eight to twelve finalists (individuals or teams) compete in the oral presentation on Monday, March 25, 2019. TechQuest winners will be announced on Innovation Day, Monday, April 8, 2019.

Click here to view a presentation on Intellectual Property.  Information on intellectual property and entrepreneurship will be presented on Tuesday, February 19, 2019, at Campus Center Ballroom B, 11:00-1:00.

For more information about the TechQuest competition and how to participate, please go to TechQuest Awards 2019 Information and Guidelines.


2018 TechQuest Winners and Finalists

Congratulations to all TechQuest Innovation Competition winners and finalists.  Winners and Finalists from TechQuest, URI Student Seed Grant Awards, Newark Innovation Acceleration Challenge, Innovation Acceleration Club, NSF I-Corps, and McNair Scholars were recognized on the NJIT Innovation Day on April 10, 2018. 

First Place

Victoria Harbour (ChE), Patricia Iglesias-Montoro (BME)

Project: Preventing Cardiovascular Disease: A Novel PCKS9 Drug Formulation to Reduce Cholesterol

Faculty Adviser: Vivek Kumar, Department of Biomedical Engineering


First Place (1st Time) - Tie

John Pentangelo (ChE), Younes Younes (ChE)

Project: Development of a Continuous Manufacturing Method of Oral Films

Faculty Adviser: Rajesh Dave, Department of Chemical Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering


First Place (1st Time) - Tie

Shaurya Chandhoke (CS), Hamlet Jaquez (CS)

Project: Low-Cost Lidar Sensor Fusion for Mapping Applications in Transportation Industry

Faculty Adviser: Pramod Abichandani, Department of Engineering Technology


Third Place

Leidy Manzueta (CE)

Project: Development Reactive Nanobubble Technology for Green and Sustainable Environmental and Agricultural Applications

Faculty Adviser: Wen Zhang, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


TechQuest Prototype Winner

Stephen Katz (CoE), Dominic Gannon (CoE), Amira Feknous (EE), Vince Capizzi (CoE), Gregory Escobar (CoE), Ivan Mitevski (EE & Math), Jefferson Guerrero (EE), Tamanna Kamra (EE) and Emmanuel Okoye (EE)

Project: Integrated Power Management System for Electric Cars

Faculty Adviser: Leonid Tsybeskov, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


TechQuest Finalists


Adrian Lopez (MET), Giacomo Gesualdo (ME), Darek Wojtowicz (ME), Kyle Watt (ME), Jabari Mallory (ME), Amira Feknous (EE), Ivan Mitevski (EE & Match), Jefferson Guerrero (EE), Tamanna Kamra (EE), and Emmanuel Okoye (EE)

Project: Four-Directional Light-Weight Carbon Fiber Body for Solar Cars

Faculty Adviser: Leonid Tsybeskov, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Jason Murzello (EE), Nestor Guzman (EE), Mathieu Gaydos (EE), Amira Feknous (EE), Ivan Mitevski (EE & Math), Jefferson Guerrero (EE), Tamanna Kamra (EE) and Emmanuel Okoye (EE)

Project: Motor Control System with Automatic Pre-charge and Regenerative Braking

Faculty Adviser: Leonid Tsybeskov, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dushyant Singh (CS), Rohit Premkumar (Business/Bio)

Project: BarNone: Inventory Management System

Faculty Adviser: Ananya Dass, Department of Computer Science

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