Fall 2018 Student Seed Grant Winners

Undergraduate Research and Innovation Student Seed Grant Program Fall 2018

We are pleased to announce the recipients of Fall 2018 Undergraduate Research and Innovation Student Grants.  Eight URI Phase 1 and Twelve URI Phase 2 Student Seed Grants have been awarded for Fall 2018.

Students submitted their written proposals which were reviewed by the executive committee of the URI External Advisory Board (EAB). Following the written proposal scores, selected proposals were presented to EAB members. With the recommendations from the EAB, based on the combined scores of written proposals and oral presentations, Phase-1 and Phase-2 Student Seed Grants are awarded. We thank all students who submitted their proposals. We also thank faculty advisors who worked with students for their submission and presentations. 

Congratulations to all winners!

Fall 2018  URI Phase-1 Student Seed Grant Winners

(Bold denotes team leader)

Research Project

Faculty Advisor

Karen Ayoub (BME), Karina Dsouza (BME), Swathi Pavuluri (BME)

Instrumented Platform for the Quantitative Assessment of Human Balance Control with Visual Feedback

Carlotta Mummolo (BME)

Angel Guzman (BME)

Artificial Voice Box

Sergei Adamovich (BME) 

Nayeem Kamal (CS), Brian Duemmer (CS)

A Vital-Signs Monitoring Smart Helmet for Racing Vehicle Drivers

Leonid Tsybeskov (ECE)

Simon Lam (Computing and Business), Viktoriya Kelyman (Architecture)

XR Campus for Planning and Development 

Margarita Vinnikov (IT), Matthew Schwartz (Architecture)

Sravana Nuti (BME), Taiga Akiyama (BME)

Channel Reduction in functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) Processing Heart Rate Variability from fNIRS to Determine Attention in Listening

Antje Ihlefeld (BME)

Emmanuel Okoye (EE), Piotr Rzymski (ES)

Solar- Powered Personal Aerial Vehicle Prototype Development for Full Scale Model

Jaskirat Sodhi (ME)

Kush Patel (CE)

Expediting the process of Food Waste Decomposition Through Anaerobic Digestion

Jay Meegoda (CE)

Donna Sunny (ChE)

Investigation of Particle Noise Produced by Tip Sonication

Kathleen McEnnis (ChE)

Fall 2018  URI Phase-2 Student Seed Grant Winners

(Bold denotes team leader)

Research Project

Faculty Advisor

Quratulain Butt (BME)

Characterization of Cytokines Released for Post-Myocardial Infarction Therapy

Eun Jung Lee (BME)

Lerone Clark (Biochemistry)

Rhodamine Conjugated Peptides for Live Bacterial Cell Imaging

Mengyan Li (CES)

Yasmine Ghattas (Bio & ChE)

Feedback Control of Social Behaviour

Eric Fortune (Bio)

Paula Heredia Guerrero (CE), Esther Daramola (CE), Sarah Garcon (ME)

Sustainable Recovery of Metals from Waste Lithium-Ion Batteries through a Green Leaching Process

Wen Zhang (CEE), Lucia Rodriguez-Freire (CEE)

Natalie Kozan (BME)

Tunable Hydrogels for Varying Cell Environments

Vivek Kumar (BME)

Asha Mahmood (CE), John Nunez (CE)

Development of Sustainable Bio-Adsorbent using spiky sweet gum for the removal of water contaminants

Wen Zhang (CEE)

Anna Mathew (Bio)

Novel Drug Delivery System using Anti-Angiogenic Peptides for Glioblastoma Multiforme

Vivek Kumar (BME)

Manali Patel (Bio)

Inflammation Modulation Using Injectable Peptide Hydrogels

Vivek Kumar (BME)

Reshma Paul (BME)

Antibacterial Peptide Hydrogel for Treatment of Infected Foot Ulcers Vivek Kumar (BME)

Keanu Radgman (ChE)

Nanocrystalline Cellulose (NCC) as a Novel Dispersant for Enhancing Bioavailability of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs Ecevit Bilgili (ChE)

Isaac Scott (EE), Mathieu Gaydos (EE)

Manufacturing Lightweight Solar Arrays for Solar Vehicles Leonid Tsybeskov (ECE)

Sydney Sweet (ChE)

Nanoparticle-mediated Oral Delivery of GLP-1 for the Treatment of Diabetes Xiaoyang Xu (ChE)