Spring 2018 Student Seed Grant Winners

Undergraduate Research and Innovation Student Seed Grant Program Spring 2018

We are pleased to announce the recipients of Spring 2018 Undergraduate Research and Innovation Student Grants.  Four URI Phase 1 and Seven URI Phase 2 Student Seed Grants have been awarded for Spring 2018.

Students submitted their written proposals which were reviewed by the executive committee of the URI External Advisory Board (EAB). Following the written proposal scores, selected proposals were presented to EAB members. With the recommendations from the EAB, based on the combined scores of written proposals and oral presentations, Phase-1 and Phase-2 Student Seed Grants are awarded. We thank all students who submitted their proposals. We also thank faculty advisors who worked with students for their submission and presentations. 

Congratulations to all winners!

Spring 2018  URI Phase-1 Student Seed Grant Winners

(Bold denotes team leader)

Research Project

Faculty Advisor

Lauren Hutnik (Biology)

Developing Photo-Therma Nanoparticles to Excite Transmembrane Proteins

Yuanwei Zhang (CES)

Miriam Marquez (ChE)

Protein Corona Measurements by Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis

Kathleen McEnnis (ChE)

Pedro Moura (ChE)

CNTs incorporated in Hollow Fiber Membranes as a matrix for Protein Purification

Sagnik Basuray (ChE)

Vatsal Shah (ME)

A Portable Low-Cost Incubation Platform for Long-Term Live-Cell Microscopy in
Biomedical Research and Industry

Roman Voronov (CPBE)

Spring 2018  URI Phase-2 Student Seed Grant Winners

(Bold denotes team leader)

Research Project

Faculty Advisor

Shaurya Chandhoke (CS)
Hamlet Jaquez (CS)

Low-Cost Lidar Sensor Fusion for Mapping Applications in Transportation Industry Pramod Abichandani (Engineering Technology)

Victoria Harbour (ChE)
Patricia Iglesias-Montoro (BME)

Preventing Cardiovascular Disease: A Novel PCKS9 Drug Formulation to Reduce Cholesterol

Vivek Kumar (BME)

Adithya Kannan (BME)
Mona Ibrahim (BME)

Advancing Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Diseases

Alice Eunjung Lee (BME)

Adrian Lopez (MET)
Giacomo Gesualdo (ME)
Darek Wojtowicz (ME)
Kyle Watt (ME), Jabari Mallory (ME)
Amira Feknous (EE)
Ivan Mitevski (EE & Match)
Jefferson Guerrero (EE)
Tamanna Kamra (EE)
Emmanuel Okoye (EE)

Four-Directional Light-Weight Carbon Fiber Body for Solar Cars

Leonid Tsybeskov, (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Karen Mandarina (BME)
Melissa Mendez-Nguyen (BME)
Jeffrey Kim (BME)
Patricia Iglesias Montoro (BME)

Assistive Device for Autistic People 2 (ADAP 2)

Alev Erdi (BME)

John Pentangelo (ChE)
Younes Younes (ChE)

Development of a Continuous Manufacturing Method of Oral Films

Rajesh Dave (Chemical Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering)

Ann Therese Ramirez (BME)

The Comparison of Different PLGA Particle Synthesis Methods and its Effect on the Uptake by Breast Cancer Cells

Kathleen McEnnis (ChE)