Undergraduate Student Seed Grant Program

NJIT 2020 Vision strategic plan emphasizes providing undergraduate students an outstanding education with opportunities to have research and innovation experience as part of their NJIT learning enabling them to succeed and assume leadership roles in our society.

The Undergraduate Research and Innovation (URI) program has evolved as an integral and important part of the undergraduate academic experience at NJIT. This website summarizes undergraduate research and innovation opportunities and provides information about resources and competitions. 

(From left to right, URI students presenting, student project demo and networking session)

Congratulations to the Fall 2020 Seed Grant Award Recipients!

Research and Innovation Tracks

Research and Innovation Tracks with General Guidelines on the Preliminary Market Assessment or Project Research
Sample Market Research Survey (as mentioned in above document)

URI Information Session 

(Left - Dr. Atam Dhawan explains the two Phases; Center - Govi Rao, Co-Chair of URI Board, answers questions; Right - Jim Stevenson, Board Member, discusses the TechQuest criteria)

Click here to view the powerpoint slides from the 2019 URI Information Session.
Click here to view the recording of the 2016 URI Information Session and learn about URI Phase 1 & Phase 2, the different tracks, as well as how to write a proposal.

Click here to view the slides on Competition and Branding.
Click here to view the slides on Risk Management.

Book of Abstracts from the International Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium


2019 Book of Abstracts
2019 Summer Research Symposium Program

2018 Book of Abstracts
2018 Summer Research Symposium Program

2017 Book of Abstracts
2017 Summer Research Symposium Program

2016 Book of Abstracts
2016 Summer Research Symposium Program

2015 Summer Research Symposium Program
2015 Book of Abstracts

2014 Book of Abstracts