Research and Innovation Courses at NJIT

STS 325: Special Topics Course: Interdisciplinary Research, Design and Innovation (3-0-3)

This is the first course in the new Undergraduate Research and Innovation (URI) program that undergraduate students can start with in their junior year. Please click here to download the detailed course syllabus.

Course Description: This course provides undergraduate students an overview of research, design and innovation roadmap in a studio-based interactive environment to work on a detailed framework comprising of exploration of problems with potential technology and socio-economic impact. After exploring and examining interdisciplinary problems, students will develop a proposal on the innovation and implementation of the respective research/design toward developing a prototype and business strategy with market research.


STS 307: Fundamental of Research

Course Description: STS307 focuses on research methods in the field of science, technology and society. Focuses on the following methods: problem statement and hypothesis formulation; research design in science, technology and society; data sources; and data acquisition and analysis.



Entr 410 - New Venture Management (3-0-3)

Prerequisites: Mgmt 390, Mrkt 330, Fin 315. Provides an understanding of the process of start up and early stage management of new, technology based, small firms. Emphasis is on recognizing, evaluating and deciding on a new business idea, as well as preparation for and management of the start up process. Preparation and execution of a new business plan.

Entr 420 - Financing New Venture (3-0-3)

The course is organized around three fundamental issues that entrepreneurs need to understand: 1) how innovations evolve over time, 2) how and whys some innovations are successful and some are not and 3) how one manages a new venture that was formed to develop new technologies. It is intended to help students understand the issues associated with a new venture and to develop a business plan to launch a technology based firm.


Entr 430 - Entrepreneurial Strategy (3-0-3)

Prerequisites: HRM 301, Mrkt 330, MIS 345, Fin 315, Acct 317, OM 375, Mgmt 491. Integrates knowledge of the different aspects of business learned in previous course work. In addition, provides an understanding of the decisions that guide the overall operations of a business organization and how the organization interacts with its markets, competitors, and suppliers. For the student who is considering starting or managing a small business. Combines classroom instruction in business strategy along with case analysis of small firms.


Entr 440 - Lean Startup Accelerator (3-0-3)

This is a hands-on workshop to help students get their new business idea launched. It utilizes the Lean Startup Methodology where students are expected to interview and acquire actual customers during the course.


Mrkt 338 - Product Development and Management (3-0-3)

Prerequisite: Mrkt 330. The process of product development is studied in detail with specific emphasis on technology-driven innovation. Techniques for getting closer to customers including TQM principles are also covered.


Mrkt 360 - Internet Marketing (3-0-3)

Prerequisite: Mrkt 330. Provides an overview of fundamental principles of Internet marketing for the contemporary business environment. Topics include Internet marketing strategies, Internet marketing plan, and development of Internet-based marketing programs.

Mgmt 480 - Managing Technology and Innovation

CE 485 - Pollution Prevention

This course is designed to provide an overview of electronic commerce technologies, e-commerce strategies and their implications for work organizations. The course focuses on how the Internet has transformed business and the emergence of the digital firm.

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