SpectraMax i3

The purpose of the SpectraMax i3 is to provide rapid data collection of microplate readings, using the SoftMax Pro Software​


This device has the capability of detecting: luminescence, absorbance, and fluorescence.  The system allows the user to read 6-384 well microplates simultaneously. 

The SpectraMax i3 is specifically used in this lab for BCA assays and Elisa Assays.  It allows the user to determine the total concentration of protein in a solution.  These concentrations are then used to perform western blots. The SpectraMax i3 also allows the user to identify antibodies during Elisa Assays.

The SoftMax Pro Software quickly captures and analyzes results from the SpectraMax i3, through different data analysis options. The software has ready to run protocols to read the microplates, different curve fit options, and provides results that are ready to be used.