Commercial and Institutional Facilities

The Center supports the development of new and innovative commercial and institutional facilities by conducting research and providing technical assistance. Central to this mission is the development and dissemination of research reports, guidelines and tools that support policy makers, administrators, facility managers, and their consultants in developing high performance facilities.

Commercial Facilities: To date, CBK’s work in commercial facilities has focused on improving the energy and operational performance of existing commercial buildings. These efforts include program development and management, technical assistance and monitoring/verification activities, with a special focus on retro-commissioning and energy efficient operations and maintenance. 

Schools: The Center has been active in educational facilities research since 1991. The early emphasis was on the interaction between learning environments and information technology; more recently, the focus has shifted to optimizing 'whole building' performance. In 2003, CABSR entered into a unique partnership with the New Jersey Schools Development Authority (formerly the Schools Construction Corporation) to provide research-based technical support on the planning, design, construction, financing and operation of K-12 school facilities in the state. The core purpose of the partnership – which is ongoing - has been to provide the SDA with unbiased, research-based information needed to create state-of-the-art learning centers.

Municipal Buildings: The Center works with municipalities across New Jersey to support their efforts to improve the performance of their municipal buildings.