New Jersey Utility Working Group: Filing Facilitation

CBK was asked to facilitate a collaborative effort among 7 utilities in New Jersey – Atlantic City Electric, Elizabethtown Gas, Jersey Central Power and Light, New Jersey Natural Gas, Orange Rockland Electric, PSE&G, and South Jersey Gas – in response to a request from the office of then-Governor Corzine which was preparing to implement a special stimulus program focused on energy efficiency.  CBK’s role was to act as an independent third party to facilitate – and serve as secretariat for - meetings and discussions among and between the participating utilities.  CBK’s purpose was to help the utilities:

  • Determine which programs were best suited to be delivered in a collaborative fashion by all the participating utilities.
  • Decide which programs are best suited to be delivered by individual utilities or small groups of utilities.
  • Decide which utility programs also support programs offered through the NJ Clean Energy Program.

At the conclusion of the facilitation effort, CBK also assisted the participants in preparing energy efficiency program filings that would be in accordance with the principles outlined in the NJ Energy Master Plan of October 2008 and with the RGGI minimum filing requirements as defined by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.