NJ Schools Development Authority 21st Century Design Manual

The 21st Century Schools Design Manual is intended for use in the design of all New Jersey pre-K through 12 public School Facilities Projects within the NJ Schools Construction Corporation (NJSCC) Program. The Design Manual shall compliment the ‘A-Z’ Design Consultant Agreement, all other NJSCC documentation, and any and all presiding Laws, Codes, Ordinances, and requirements of Regulatory Agencies having jurisdiction over this project. 

With the Design Manual, it is NJSCC’s full intent to establish a uniform approach to School Facilities Project design such that we accomplish the following key goals:

  • Establish a means for NJSCC managed School Facilities Projects to be built in an educationally appropriate, community focused, cost effective, sustainable, energy efficient, safe, secure, clean, and environmentally friendly manner.
  • Establish a sustainable design approach as a cost effective and common sense means of constructing 21st Century Schools for New Jersey. This Design Manual raises the bar and sets forth an approach for NJSCC’s School Facilities Project design to attain such goals.

This approach will serve to establish a new design norm for pre-K through 12 school facilities, while simultaneously establishing NJSCC as the nation’s foremost resource for knowledge relative to efficient planning and implementation of projects by means of excellence reviews and lessons learned in constructing School Facilities Projects for both urban and suburban areas. NJ Schools Development Authority 21st Century Design Manual.pdf