Re-side Tight, Ventilate Right

The Center received an Energy Technology Demonstration Grant from Public Service Electric and Gas for the “Re-Side Tight/Ventilate Right” project.  The project analyzed opportunities for improved energy efficiency when homes are being re-sided.  Infiltration is recognized as one of the biggest energy wasters in single-family homes.  EPA studies have found that in a typical American house infiltration accounts for 25 to 40 percent of the heating and cooling loads.  While air sealing from inside the home can improve its tightness, sealing a home from the outside is also effective.  Considering that every year thousands of homes are resided for maintenance and aesthetic reasons, the potential to improve energy efficiency as well is considerable. The Re-SideTight/Ventilate Right project air sealed seventeen homes from the exterior while they were being re-sided. This was done at a modest incremental cost per house with typical reductions in infiltration of 20% and up to 38%. This research was intended to serve as a basis for a potential Re-Side Tight utility incentive program.  

NJIT Reside Tight Final Report_1.pdf