Daniel Younger

Research area

Blast induced Neurotrauma (BINT)
Biochemical mechanisms of primary blast induced traumatic brain injury 


B.S. Biological Engineering, 2013
Fourth Year PhD Student

Research summary

My research focuses on the biochemical cascades that follow the initial mechanical insult of blast traumatic brain injury. My focus is on the spatial resolution of these cascades, to determine the brain regions that are most susceptible to injury.  Elucidating these cascades, will allow us to mitigate the cognitive decline following brain injury or prevent them completely.

About Me

I completed my undergraduate degree in the field of Biological engineering with a concentration in Biomedical engineering from Cornell University.  As an undergraduate, I worked in crop and soil science lab for two years focusing on isolating an enzyme found in young soy bean leaves that catalyzes the conversion myo-inositol to d-chiro-inositol (potential diabetes therapy). Upon acceptance into the doctoral program, I switched research fields and joined CIBM3. I hope to make a significant impact in the field of BINT

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