Dr. Namas Chandra


At the Center for Injury Biomechanics, Materials and Medicine (CIBM3) our goal is to help soldiers and citizens by understanding how blasts and blunt forces cause concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

IFBIC 2019

4th International Forum on Blast Injury Countermeasures

Lab Team

2017 Summer CIBM3/GITC Lab Team

About Us

Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of faculty biomedical engineers, neuroscientists and clinicians that recreate field relevant injury conditions in a holistic manner.

Unique Facilities

Working in uniquely developed facilities, the team examines and solves the complex questions of brain injury from protection, diagnostics, therapeutics and clinical management perspectives.
“We want to help soldiers, athletes and civilians by understanding why and how blasts and blunt trauma causes injury. Our holistic and collaborative approach explores Traumatic Brain Injury to save and improve lives.” – Namas Chandra, Ph.D. , PE., Director CIBM3 Professor, NJIT Dept. of Biomedical Engineering


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