Sanjoy Mallick

Research Area

Biomechanics: Data analysis and interpretation of shockwave propagation through a cylinder with bubble rupture and it’s correlation to cavitation phenomenon occurring during blast induced brain traumatic injury.


Junior undergraduate majoring in Biomedical Engineering at NJIT – Biomechanics Track

About Me

I am currently a Junior at NJIT, focused on the Biomechanics Track of BME. I joined the Center for Injury Biomechanics, Materials, and Medicine in the Fall of 2017. I always had an interest in researching brain injuries, and as I have progressed through my years in Biomedical Engineering, I have learned that much of the trauma is due to biological phenomenon being affected by the chemical phenomenon, which is affected in the atomic level by mechanical phenomenon, and being able to integrate all of these events can produce a model that is as to guide us into creating devices that able to withstand or reduce the intensity of these injuries. My lab focuses on all of these aspects, and is able to implement ideas based on findings from the experiments, group discussion and understanding from other areas of interest.

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