About Us

Vision of the center


Primary Goal:

Become the focal point in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for all research and teaching activities in the areas of wireless communications and signal processing.


Activities carried out by participants:

  • Initiate and pursue research in the fields of wireless communications and signal processing.
  • Search, collectively as well as individually, for possible sources of financial research support for themselves and their affiliates (graduate students or visiting faculty).
  • Establish contacts in the electronics industry in the Newark-metropolitan area and New Jersey as a whole, learn about their needs, and suggest methods of collaboration.
  • Assume responsibility for teaching graduate courses in the fields of communications and signal processing, propose and plan new courses, and monitor graduate courses taught by adjunct faculty.
  • Undertake initiatives to recruit highly qualified graduate students, research associates and visiting faculty members, and support the efforts of the department chairman to recruit new faculty.
  • Suggest, design, prepare, and deliver short courses as part of the New Jersey Institute of Technology's continuing education program.
  • Organize seminars on topics of interest to Center members, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and local industry.
  • Publish and distribute a periodical bearing the name of the Center which will report progress of the different research activities.