Joint Wireless Energy and Information Transfer

Project description

A conventional assumption made in the design of communication systems is that the energy used to transfer information between a sender and a recipient cannot be reused for future communication tasks. There are, however, notable exceptions such as communication systems based on wireless energy transfer, including passive Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) and some classes of body area networks. In these systems, the wireless signals are leveraged as bearers of both information and energy.

The goal of this research is to provide the theoretical foundations, in the context of communication and information theory, for the study of the interaction between energy and information delivery in wireless communication systems. The focus of the research is the investigation of joint wireless information and energy transfer in key modern communication networks, such as for machine-to-machine communication and for cyber-physical systems.



Faculty: Osvaldo Simeone

Graduate Student: Ali Fouladgar

Collaborators: Elza Erkip (NYU Poly)