Recent Research Grant and Contract Awards

Principal Investigator: Alexander Haimovich

Grant/Contract Project Title: Contested Environment Radio Frequency Exploitation and Research (CERFER)

Funding Agency: Matrix Research Inc.

Duration:  One Year


Principal Investigator: Ali Abdi (PI) and Mike Ehrlich (co-PI)

Grant/Contract Project Title: A Novel Vector Acoustic Communication Technology

Funding Agency: NSF

Duration:  1.5 Years


Principal Investigator: Osvaldo Simeone (PI)

Grant/Contract Project Title: CIF: Small:Collaborative Research: Communicating While Computing: Mobile Fog Computing Over Wireless Heterogeneous Networks

Funding Agency: NSF

Duration:  Three Years


Principal : Joerg Kliewer

Grant/Contract Project Title: Coding for Reliability and Security in Wireless Networks: Theoretical Foundations and Strategies

Funding Agency: NSF

Duration:  Three Years