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Alumni Boards

  • Alumni are invited, but not required, to submit exhibition boards for gallery display at the Showcase and inclusion in the catalog. 
  • To be included in the Showcase catalog, digital files of display boards must be submitted here by Friday March 11th.  
  • Exhibit boards must be 40x40 apsect ratio and JPEG or PDF only - up to 5MB in size (300 dpi resolution).
  • Boards can be printed on campus by the AIAS students for a fee of $100 (submitted through the above link), or dropped off at Weston Hall by Thursday, April 1st.
  • Files that are not submitted by March 11th may not be included in the gallery exhibit or the print catalog. 
  • See Key Dates and Guidelines page for more information about boards.

AD file submissions for DS 2022 Sponsors due March 11th.
Please submit your ad file here

Spoonsorhsip level ~  AD SIZES
10K ~ Full page 8x10.5
5K ~ 2/3 page 8x7
2.5K ~ 1/2 8x5.25
2K ~ 1/3 page 8x3.5 
1-1.5K ~ 1/4 page 4x5.25
$500 ~ 1/6 page 4x3.5
$250 ~ 1/8 page 4x2.625

Submit pdf file < 5MG. 

For questions about sponsorship and registration, please contact Janet Robertson at / (973) 596 - 3397.