Success Stories

NSF I-Corp Member Lisa O'Bryan Making Way With Collar Devices

Lisa O’Bryan is an NJIT Postdoctoral researcher who’s making an impact on our understanding of how social mammals communicate within their groups. As a participant in the NSF I-Corp Program, Lisa and her team received grant funds to support customer discovery research to explore the commercial viability of their custom-made tracking devices... [read more]

Virtual Reality to Help with Binocular Vision Disorders

John Vito, NSF I-Corp participate and graduate of NJIT, with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, and an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering developed a novel integration of consumer-ready virtual reality headsets and custom-made eye tracking hardware and software to aid patients in vision therapy... [read more]


 BIONJ Life Sciences Talent Network Summit​

Dr. Tara Alvarez, Professor and Director Undergraduate Program  Biomedical Engineering and student researchers John Vito D'Antonio-Bertagnolli and ​Chang Yaramothu along with Judith Sheft, Associate Vice President Technology & Enterprise Development  attended the  August 2, 2017 BIONJ Life Sciences Talent Network Summit... [read more]