Past Seminars

Date Title Speaker


Humanitarian relief and risk-taking: An exploratory study on the differentiating behavior of four organizational groups Arash Azadegan, Rutgers Business School
04/22/20 Apply Tensor Algorithms in Earning Forecast and COVID-19 Prediction Dantong Yu, NJIT
04/17/20 A semantic measure of online review helpfulness and the importance of message entropy Jorge E. Fresneda, NJIT
04/08/20 Scale, Scope, Experience: Toyota's Global Multi-EV Strategy William V. Rapp, NJIT
04/01/20 The search for the solution to a complex technological problem: The case of the reusable hypersonic spacecraft Raja Roy, NJIT
02/26/20 Data Science Topics in Cardiovascular Research Samantha Sartori, Icahn School of Medicine
02/19/20 Information Response in Shareholder Activism Selina Pei, Rutgers Business School
02/07/20 Blockchain in Agriculture Genevieve Leveille, AgriLedger
01/29/20 Merrill Guided Investing Todd Carver, Merrill Lynch
12/11/19 Assortment Auctions: A Myersonian Characterization for Markov Chain based Chain Models Will Ma, Columbia
12/03/19 The effects of incumbent resource heterogeneity along the value chain: Utilities' path-dependent investments in wind energy Doug Miller, Rutgers University
11/20/19 Financial Forecasting Combining Human Crowds and Machine Learning Algorithms German G Creamer, Stevens Institute of Technology
11/06/19 Shorting Leveraged EFT Pairs Ge Zang, William Patterson University

The Effect of Institutional Distance on Corporate Tax Avoidance: Evidence from Foreign Institutional Investors

Qiang Wu, RPI
09/20/19 Impact of Internal Governance on a CEO's Investment Cycle Ivan Brick, Rutgers University
09/18/19 A Principal-Agent Problem with Heterogeneous Demand Distributions for a Carbon Capture and Storage System Selina Cai, NJIT
09/11/19 Social Security Benefit Valuation, Risk and Optimal Retirement Steven Taylor, NJIT
04/24/19 Financial Advice and Asset Management in the Quickly Evolving World of Automated Advice and Big Data John Michel, CircleBlack
04/10/19 A Markov chain approximation framework of discretely-monitored barrier options under Markov processes Steve Taylor, NJIT
04/05/19 Promoting Pro-social Behavior through End-to-End Data Science Wei Ai, University of Michigan
03/27/19 Differences Matter: Cultural Tiles and Mosaic in Virtual Teams Souren Paul, Nova Southeastern University
03/13/19 Examining the Larger Social Impacjts of Financial and Economic Disruptions William Rapp, NJIT
02/20/19 The Effect of Institutional Distance on Corporate Tax Avoidance: Evidence from Foreign Institutional Investors Qian Wu, RPI
02/14/19 Roles of Cross-Cultural Processes on Innovation and Performance: Empirical Studies in the Chinese IT Services Industry Rong Du, Xidian University
01/30/19 World IT Project Prashant Palvia, UNC
01/23/19 Triangular Arbitrage Detection in FX Markets Stephen Taylor, NJIT
10/31/18 Small Investors as Monitors Zhipeng Yan, NJIT
10/24/18 Data Science for Behavior Analysis in Online Advertising and Healthcare Yi Chen, NJIT
10/17/18 Video Content Analytics Using Deep Neural Network Zhu Liu, AT&T Labs
10/10/18 Economic Policy Uncertainty and Momentum Yangru Wu, Rutgers University
09/19/18 "If I can't use your website, I'm leaving and never coming back!" What Retailers Must Understand About Website Accessibility Jorge Fresneda, NJIT
09/12/18 Clustering Financial Return Distributions using the Fisher Information Metric Stephen Taylor, NJIT