NJIT LRI Faculty Seed Grants

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External Grants

Funding Agency:  NIH
Principal Investigators: Yi Chen, Reggie Caudill, Dantong Yu, Zhi Wei, James Geller
Project title: New Jersey Alliance for Clinical Translational Science: NJ ACTS
Project duration: March 2019 – February 2024

Funding Agency:  NJ ACTS Pilot Project Programs
Principal Investigators: Yi Chen, David Foran (Rutgers)
Project title: Collaborative Project: A Natural Language Processing Platform for Automated Information Extraction from EHR's for Clinical Decision Support & Investigative Research
Project duration: October 2019 – September 2020

Funding Agency:  AT&T Research
​Principal Investigators: Cristian Borcea and Yi Chen
Project Title: Research on Innovative Open Source AI Platform
Project Duration: September 2018 – August 2019

FY 2022 Faculty Seed Grants

Principal Investigator: Joseph Micale
Co-Principal Investigator: Mingying Cheng (Fordham University), NJIT MTSM PhD Student TBD
Department: MTSM
Project Title: Textual Analysis & Machine Learning in Sustainability Reporting

Principal Investigator: Jinghua (Carolyn) Wang
Department: MTSM
Project Title: An Investigation of the Predictability of Uncertainty on Bitcoin Returns

Principal Investigator: Aichih Jasmine Chang
Co-Principal Investigator: Jim Shi
Department: MTSM
Project Title: Plastic Recycling Supply Chain Driven by Data Science and Blockchain Technology

FY 2021 Faculty Seed Grants

Principal Investigator: Raja Roy, Shanthi Gopalakrishnan, Xi Zhang
Department: MTSM
Project Title: ​Exploring unicorn ventures in Space exploration

Principal Investigator: Xinyuan Tao, Zhipeng Yan
Department: MTSM
Project Title: The Impacts of Twitter on Corporate Information Environment and Management Strategies

FY 2020 Faculty Seed Grants

Principal Investigator: Dantong Yu and Xinyue Ye
Department: MTSM and INF
Project Title: Interactive Q/A Framework and Knowledge Discovery Across Dynamic and Heterogeneous Databases

Principal Investigator: Yi Chen
Department: MTSM
Project Title:  Using AI-Powered Technologies to Improve Patient Intervention and Engagement

Principal Investigator: Zhipeng Yan and Xinyuan Tao
Department: MTSM
Project Title: What ADRs can tell us about risk management around the world: from the perspective of international information environment 

Principal Investigator: Yao Shen and Zhipeng Yan
Department: CS and MTSM
Project Title:  A data driven approach to systematically model transporter-mediated cancer drug resistance

Principal Investigator: Pius Egbelu and Jim (Junmin) Shi
Department: MTSM
Project Title:  Travel Behavior Study for Resilient Transportation Network

FY 2019 Seed Grants

Seed Grants Addressing Aging Population Challenges

Principal Investigator: Junmin (Jim) Shi
Project Title: Silver Economy: Elderly Wellness and Care Fragmentation

Principal Investigator: Cesar Bandera
Project Title: mHealth for Social Isolation among the Elderly

Principal Investigator: Stephen Taylor
Project Title:  Modeling Social Security Benefit Adjustments for an Aging Society

Seed Grants Addressing the Issues of Population with Special-Needs

Principal Investigator: Jorge E. Fresneda and Alex H. Cohen (West Chester University)
Project Title: Left Behind by Inaccessibility: The Pursuit of Fairness and Equitable Recruiting and Hiring for Jobseekers with Disabilities

Principal Investigator: Rachel Liu, Hindy Schachter and Cristian Borcea
Project Title: Connecting Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Communities in North Jersey via Smart Technologies