Fall 2022 Seminars

Date Title/Speaker Abstract

Computational Opportunities and Challenges in Online Publishing

Yi Chen, Martin Tuchman’62 Chair and Professor, Martin Tuchman School of Management, NJIT

As publishers transition from traditional print publishing to online publishing, they are facing computational opportunities and challenges on revenue generation and user engagement. The programmatic digital display ad spending in 2021 is nearly $106 billion in the U.S.. Today, most online publishers rely on digital display advertising as the primary source of revenue while providing content for free. We present the standards used in the two channels in digital display advertising: programmatic direct and real-time bidding, and discuss how to use machine learning technologies to increase the revenue for each channel based on analysis of historical behaviors of users and advertisers. On the other hand, the fast increase in ad-blocker usage has resulted in significant revenue loss for online publishers. To mitigate this, publishers either implement a Wall to block ad-blocker users for content access unless they whitelist (i.e. turn off ad-blockers), or cooperate with ad-blocker companies to show only acceptable ads to users. We discuss the impact of these existing counter ad-blocking strategies and further propose new strategies using machine learning techniques for user behavior analysis. Our studies show the intrinsic relationship between user engagement and publishers’ revenue, and propose strategies that help publishers to increase revenue, and at the same time, enhance user engagement.


Should Startups Pursue Rapid Growth?

Jukyeong Han, Ph.D. Candidate in Entrepreneurship, University of Kansas School of Business

Startups face a growth dilemma: rapid growth helps startups to gain visibility and legitimacy, while it can also force them to face diseconomies of time compression. Drawing on Einstein's theory of relativity, we maintain that the resource holders’ relative perception of the startups’ growth speed, shaped by industry velocity, constitutes an important contingency to reconcile the dilemma of startup rapid growth. Results of empirical analysis using 431 US-based startups corroborate the main thesis of this study that startups pursuing rapid growth are more likely to receive rewards in high-velocity industries, while penalty in low-velocity industries.


Blockchain Technology for the Plastic Crisis: A New Era of Sustainability Plastic Management.

Nesreen El-Rayes, Ph.D. Candidate, Martin Tuchman School of Management, NJIT


Bringing Labor Voices into Management Studies: The Role of Labor Women in Management History.

Hindy Schachter, Professor, Martin Tuchman School of Management, NJIT

Have you ever wondered why some theories are found in all textbooks while other theories get scant disciplinary publicity? One answer might be simply that some theories are better than others. Critical theory would reply that another answer lies in disciplinary leaders' power hegemonies. Since the middle of the twentieth century feminist scholars have shown a role for women as management theorists; these women were cited in the Progressive era of the early twentieth century and then faded from view. Today feminist scholarship in management is interested in enlarging the pool of underexplored women's works to include women of color and labor women. Today's talk discusses the role of labor women in enlarging understanding of public management's scope in the Progressive era.